Hello world!

Welcome to the first entry of the PMG Blog, a recent addition to our outward communication channels, channels that also include our website and newsletter Marketshare through Mindshare.

To blog or not to blog was the question.  As a strategic marketing organization, our decisions often warrant great debates over the pros and cons of any action with regard to reaching an objective.  Blogging was no exception.  After all, PMG has an award-winning website, a great multimedia piece and a well read electronic newsletter.  Is more really needed?

Yesterday, no.  Today….Hello World!!!

You see, the digital world of communications is swiftly changing, therefore, so are the strategies of marketing.  Yesterday, merely having a plethora of information was enough to gain exposure on the web, but today, content matters.

 “Although Google’s algorithms are secret, it is widely believed the search giant has shifted its formula toward “quality content” versus “self promotion” – “real” (and current) commentary found on blogs and social media sites carry more weight than the “self-promoting” content (as Google sees it) ….” Lari Turner-Wilson of the Memphis Daily News.  (Read Full Article).

Suddenly, blogging makes good PMG sense.

On the “get to know you” side, blogging allows us to be a bit more loose, share a bit more of our personality and help our readers get to know the team behind the work.

Our blog will consist of marketing thoughts, communication tips and trends, musings and humor.  We look forward to sharing our philosophies and perspectives…and we look forward to hearing your comments.

At PMG “we see things differently,” and we hope that because we do, you’ll visit us often.

Posted by The PMG Team

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. JP Stanco says:

    Does this new blog mean that we have taken “one small step for man and one giant bleep for Mankind?”

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