3.4 Miles Up A Pine Tree?

 I’m pleased to note that Progressive Marketing Group’s paper-saving initiative has reached 20,000 paper pages saved.

In researching how paper is made (mostly from pine), estimates vary wildly re: the number of sheets derived from the “average pine tree”.  Tree girth, length, density and taper make generalizations unreliable.  But @500 sheets to a ream, 20,000 sheets translate into 400 reams.

Taking the 11-inch edge and laying the sheets side by side, the 400 reams would stretch for 3.4 miles! Not too shabby!

PMG’s savings could also be more significant, as we use paper of many different weights beside the common 20 or 24-pound text. As of yet, we have no provision in our counting for the 11” X 17” tabloid or legal sizes that we use, but we’re working on it.

And we really should keep a count of all the plastic and aluminum cans we recycle.  That’s next!

Conservation works on both ends, and PMG is proud to do our small part for a very large world.

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