MTM Volume 11 Number 1: The toughest 3 questions are…

Big Three Toughest Three:  These are the 3 questions most often answered incorrectly in the recent Marketshare Through Mindshare Newsletter.  Hey guys get it right! All you famous marketeers are supposed to get a 100 on each quiz!!! Well anyway, if you missed MTM Volume 11 #1, you can download it  from  But get ’em all right, right?

Question 5.  Mayonnaise dwarfs other condiments in USA sales. Which condiment ranks second with $764 million in sales?  a. Mustard   b. Salsa   c. Ketchup   d. Barbecue sauce

9. The highest grossing movie of 2014 with $335+ million in sales was:  a. Transformers: Age of Extinction  b. Godzilla  c. Guardians of the Galaxy  d. Maleficent

13. In a risky and revolutionary move, some new trucks in 2015 will be made largely of: a. Composite materials b. Aluminum  c. Plastics   d. Galvanized iron

Congratulations… were extended to 4 deserving organizations:

1• The NSWCA! The Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association recently elected a new board for the 2015 term, including Thomas P. Hand of the Massapequa Water District, who succeeds outgoing President Howard Abbondondelo of the Albertson Water District, 1st Vice President Raymond J. Averna, 2nd Vice President Andrew N. Bader, Secretary Vincent Abbatiello and Treasurer Karl M. Schweitzer, a past NSWCA president. Congratulations all!

2• CSI Makes The Scene. CSI has launched PerfectFitTM, a new product engineered to fit the evolving painting storage requirements of private individual and corporate collections,conservation labs and historic houses alike. Need storage for your Rembrandts, PPerfectFiticassos and Matisses? PerfectFitTM is the perfect solution. Logo design by AdamStrickland.

3• Anti3 Protect Series.  They recently launched their product line of Organic Body Wash, Foam Sanitizer, Equipment Spray, Laundry Detergent and Disinfecting Concentrate. Designed to Cleanse, Defend and Prevent, Anti3 Protect Series is formulated for today’s athletes. Providing the ultimate protection against skin infections and keeping people safe from potentially harmful environments. PMG collaborated with Chris Ferrara and Dean Spinato of Anti3 Protect Series to develop the new identity along with the new package design. For more information about Anti3,

4• Congratulations to all at the Huntington Fire Department. The Department’s 1921 American LaFrance pumper, in service from 1922 until the late 1940s, has been returned to the Department. Look for the 10675768_588702244590967_4371577036178418822_nbeautiful museum piece at parades in 2015.


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