About Us

Mission:  We see things differently.
Founded in 1977, Progressive Marketing Group (PMG), Inc. is a Strategic Marketing Organization (SMO) that applies strategic marketing expertise and guidance to engineer a host of tactical and creative services for the proliferation of our clients’ businesses. We are passionate advocates of attaining marketshare through mindsharesm. Our tactical services are based on proprietary positioning, branding and messaging guidelines as exemplified by The Branding Laddersm. PMG is an award-winning agency that stands ahead of its peers in client-side dedication, service and creativity.

The agency’s legacy is grounded in the SMO concept of goal-strategy-tactic. In fact, “SMO” is a term coined and developed by PMG founder, Mr. Jamie Stanco, in his peer-reviewed marketing book, “Utilizing the Strategic Marketing Organization, The Modernization of the Marketing Mindset,” (Haworth Press). PMG’s mantra incorporates all five major segments of strategic marketing — research, strategy, tactical, creative and implementation. PMG bases its recommendations on unbiased strategies without partiality…and manages client programs with an unwavering commitment to responsiveness, quality and economy. Today, the firm employs a staff of 12 full-time employees and several part-time creative, design, account, and media professionals, with Mr. Stanco heading the strategic and creative direction. An affiliation with William J. Winston, CEO of StrategyAdvice.com, a New England-based entity, provides additional strategic resources.

Integrated Marketing Services:
PMG’s expertise is grounded in strategic positioning and branding principles and includes tactical execution of: Advertising, Collateral Materials, Digital Interactive Media, Direct/Channel Marketing, Field Sales Training Support, Graphic Design, Media Campaigns, P-O-P/P-O-S Sales Materials, Publicity & Public Relations, Trade Show Planning and Website Development. PMG’s value has been demonstrated repeatedly with clients seeking greater Marketshare through Mindsharesm.

Awards and Honors:
PMG is an award-winning creative resource with a showcase of peer-reviewed accolades and commendations. The agency was the recipient of the Gold BOLI (Best on Long Island) for “Best Advertising Campaign,” a branding and positioning campaign popularly known as “The Ballerina Linebacker.” It illustrates PMG’s philosophical message of marketing power with the finesse of strategic positioning. In addition, PMG was voted “Best Long Island Web Developer” in a recent LIBN poll.

PMG has been recognized with numerous awards for its creative excellence, readership and design.  Included are: ACE Awards, AD Chart Research, AGC Graphic Arts, APEX Awards, ACIEM (Absolute Excellence in Electronic Media), BOLI, Business Marketing Association, DS Technology, Design Excellence Awards, Graphic Design: usa – American Graphic Design Award, Premier Print, Starch and Vacancy, among others.


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